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Hi there, I’m Florian Doux CFA®, MEng.

I am happy to help you with Microsoft Excel and VBA. I have a dual background in Engineering and Finance, and I have been using Excel VBA in a professional context for several years on a daily basis.

People have always considered me an Excel VBA Expert. My dual engineering and finance background allows me to understand and interact with various stakeholders. I don’t pretend to know everything, but your satisfaction is my priority!

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Work Smarter, not Harder! Streamline your tedious manual processes with Office VBA Automation!

An inexpensive piece of automation can make a huge difference. Save time and money by streamlining your processes with Microsoft Office VBA Automation.

Using FixMySpreadSheet.Live services is usually a very cost-effective solution for someone who cannot afford to hire a full-time VBA developer.


Overnight delivery: get the job done while you sleep!

I’m located in Melbourne, Australia. Benefit from potential time-zone differences to have your Excel VBA done overnight.

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No project is too small. Please ask me anything!


Excel VBA Automation

A small piece of Excel automation can make  a huge difference. Save time and money by streamlining your spreadsheet-based processes.

Automated Excel Reporting

Generate automatically an Excel report in a few clicks from different internal and external data sources (“.csv”, “Excel files”, etc) .

Declutter your Excel reports automatically. Report only the most important variances and consolidate the impact of the minor remaining ones in one row etc.

Excel Modelling Help

Excel Financial modelling, 3-way statements, cost/revenues analysis, automatic variances breakdown…

Offline Excel Help

Explain your issue or project and delivery expectation. We can agree on a preferential FLAT RATE that makes us happy!

Online Excel Help

Interactive Live Excel help via ZOOM or MEETFOX:  simply click on “Book Session Now” and select “Excel VBA/SQL Consultancy”

VBA Coding Help

For a simple Excel macro or an entire professional VBA application, Microsoft Excel VBA support is available via ZOOM, MEETFOX and E-MAIL.

Office VBA Automation

Sending automatically emails depending on values or events in an Excel Spreadsheet, applying SQL queries, and combining Excel tables in Excel (without using Access!) almost everything is possible with Office VBA Automation!

Save time to focus on what really matters. Hire an Excel VBA expert to produce fast and fully scalable reports in a few clicks.

Excel Data Cleaning

Automate your Data Preparation and Cleaning with Excel VBA and Power Query.

Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets Templates

Are you looking for tailored, user-friendly Excel and Google Sheets Templates? Examples of simple but effective solutions are Eisenhower Templates for Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. Here you can download an Excel Time & Cost Tracker. It’s free. Enjoy!

"Florian assisted in automating our weekly cost reporting process."

Using well written and user-friendly VBA, he has made the automation easy to understand and easy to use for all excel users of this macro.

The automation has saved our department over 5 hours of weekly manual excel work and because of the way the macro has been written and set up, we have been able to utilise this for other processes in our department - creating more automation opportunities.

Ana Blazeska

Product Development Cost Analyst at Ford Motor Company