A large Excel File size can be annoying. So heavy that it takes ages to open. So big that it cannot even be attached to an email. That’s the truth; most of us have been frustrated with a large Excel file.

Reduce your Excel size file by up to 90% in 1 simple step: follow this 30-second video tutorial or the process detailed by Microsoft to save it under the XLSB Binary Workbook Format


Reduce Excel file size with the Binary Workbook Format (.XLSB format) - FixMySpreadsheet.Live

Why does the Binary Format (XLSB) Reduce Excel File Sizes?

The Excel Binary Workbook format is a proprietary Microsoft Excel format that compresses and reduces Excel file size with no data loss. An Excel file saved as a Binary Workbook (“.xlsb extension) can be significantly smaller than the one saved as an Excel Workbook (.xlsx or .xlsm or other Excel extensions).

It’s probably the fastest and most straightforward way to reduce Excel file size. The icing on the cake is that a file saved under the Excel Binary Format can contain Excel Macros.


5-click Process To Reduce Excel File Size with the XLSB Binary Workbook Format

Once your Excel file is open, simply select successively:

  1. “File”
  2.  “Save As”
  3. “A destination folder”
  4. In the “Save as Type” drop-down, select “Excel Binary Workbook”
  5.  “Save”.

You can now quit Excel with a much lighter file. The reduction in the Excel file size can be pretty impressive for a large Excel file.

How to Save an Excel file as a Binary Workbook (XLSB Format) in Video

What Is the Downside of the Excel Binary Workbook (XLSB Format)?

Various 3rd party software, some budgeting software, for instance, cannot read/write XLSB files if you have to upload them into the application: you will have to save your file with the XLSX or XLSXM extension temporarily.

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