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FixMySpreadsheet is an online/offline support platform designed to provide you and your company with professional but affordable, straight-to-the-point Google Sheets, Excel, Office, and VBA/SQL solutions. Let me tell you a bit more below 🙂

Hello, there! My name is Florian.

My friends and colleagues have always regarded me as the “Excel and Office go-to person”.  As a working professional, first in Engineering then in Finance, I was always researching and studying these tools to try to get the most out of them. I have professionally been developing Excel VBA tools for several years. What began as a personal means to structure data and automate tasks in Excel to make faster and smarter decisions, slowly evolved into what you see here today. Microsoft Excel & Office VBA Automation is now my core expertise.

I’m located in Melbourne, Australia, but I deliver my services all across the globe. Thank you Internet 🙂  I believe in strongly qualitative, added-value services. I never lose focus on my customers’ needs. With that said, I maintain an open live chat channel to discuss and negotiate rates, based on your specific projects and goals. What makes you happy, makes me happy, too!

FixMySpreadsheet.Live is driven by a single purpose, to optimize your company resources to help you make better decisions and, ultimately, take care of what really matters. With Excel and Office in general, time better spent equals a greater quality of life and job productivity. Allow me to show you the ropes.

What I Do?

I offer several Office and Excel-related business solutions including Excel Automation, VBA and SQL coding, Macro Development, Automated Reports & Excel Dashboard, Excel Modeling, Automated Data Cleaning, and complete and comprehensive tailored VBA solutions. Interested in any of these solutions? Check them out right below:

Excel Automation

Microsoft Excel is extremely underrated within the business world. Its potential is rarely achieved and most companies just use this tool as a spreadsheet to input some numbers and do some basic math. However, when fully unleashed, Excel can become a titan in your aid. Simple steps like Excel Automation can help your company save tens (or even hundreds) of hours by eliminating certain manual processes and increasing your overall employee productivity. Additionally, Excel Automation reduces the risks of human error, has a faster turn-around time, and frees your employees and managers to focus on high-level tasks.

Microsoft Excel VBA & SQL Coding

Basically, all automation processes in Excel involve some VBA coding – which stands for Visual Basic for Applications. Although VBA is not a relatively new programming language, it remains a compelling and viable option for automating processes, especially those within Microsoft Apps, such as Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, etc. Not only that but when paired and connected with external sources, such as databases, a few lines of SQL coding can increase your reporting potential and show you all the information necessary to make smarter business decisions. And by the way, implementing SQL solutions without databases just using Excel is also doable! Yes, you read it well. You can use SQL within your Excel spreadsheet without using any external databases.

Macro Development

For those unfamiliar with Excel Macros, they are a set of actions that you can execute as many times as necessary. Basically, a macro is a recording of your mouse clicks and keystrokes. The Macro Recorder allows you to automate some simpler, smaller tasks without the need for any coding experience. The downside is that – most of the time – the Macro Recorder generates macros that are not scalable and fragile. It breaks as soon as small detail changes and leave the Excel user in a frustrating situation.  We can help you with building professional macros that do no break and get the job done regardless of the changes in your Excel inputs. Let me show you how to do clean and professional Excel Automation and you’ll be coding VBA in no time!

Automated Reports

You can get access to fully automated reports with some simple lines of SQL coding and following some easy steps to connect your spreadsheets with external databases. Those days of endless sheets on different reports and having to underline and highlight pieces of data from all over the place are over. Sensible data turns to information, information turns to knowledge. But knowledge turns to wisdom! Less time gathering data, and more time focusing on intelligent information.

Excel Modeling

Have you ever considered the possibility of making educated estimates and predictions based on a simple set of input data? By developing some Excel Models such as 3-Way Statements, Cost/Revenues Analysis, or Automatic Variances Breakdown, your company can think ahead of its time and transform raw data into probable predictions for the future. By considering what the possible outcomes are, you can prepare yourself and your employees to face what is yet to come, and by that time, you will all be armed and ready to grab the bull by its horns.

Excel Data Cleaning

When dealing with automated processes, it is vital to verify that all the data is properly set for the codes to work correctly. But of course, human input will always be prone to some margin of error. Extra spaces, duplicates, numbers stored as plain text, highlighting errors, upper and lower case dissonance, data parsing, and of course, the infamous spell check. There are simple and effective ways to perform data cleaning from within, purging the data and making it ready to be processed and turned into money – that is, information.

Microsoft Office Automation

Since you have come this far, have you noticed the vast power hidden within Microsoft Excel? Now imagine all these potential, connected into one single suite. Automated e-mail sending, data processing and transferring, etc. There are endless possibilities when talking about an automated solution integrated within the Office Suite. Neither Microsoft Excel nor Microsoft Office is dead. On the contrary, with help from FixMySpreasheet, you can turn these tools into cost-savings solutions for your company. From simple but effective tools such as an Excel Add-In to automate Pareto Analysis in Excel to more complex ones that grab and crunch your spreadsheets in input to deliver a report as an output, there are always possibilities to save you time and money with Excel Automation.

What about Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is a great tool too! I also develop tools based on Google Sheets and Google Script. There is no straight answer when it comes to choosing the best spreadsheet software. It depends on the end-users needs.

Excel and Google Sheets Time-Management Tools

Here are simple but effective solutions developed for ParetoAnalysis.Tools: Free Eisenhower Template for Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

How do we do it?

Looking forward to changing your course of action and take control of your spreadsheet-based processes? Let’s start with the basics. You can book a FREE 15-min online consultation, no purchase needed, to expose your ideas and needs so we can create an action plan.

After we have established all of our bases, we can work together with interactive online sessions via Zoom or MeetFox or I can work “offline” and interact by email when required. Of course, we can always touch base from times to times by Zoom or Meetfox.

I’m fully qualified to help you with Office VBA automation, reports, coding, cleaning, macro development, and anything Office and Excel-related. My dual background in Engineering and Finance allows me to understand and interact with a wide variety of stakeholders. 

Interested in a larger project particular to your needs? Let’s talk some more and together, we can create a specific action plan with fares that will make both of us thrilled!

Who is it for?

I strongly believe in the empowerment of companies of any size and individuals of any background. Willingness to improve is the key!

If you’re an SME owner who is willing to take the next step to streamline your current tedious processes and value your resources, both human and financial, then my services are tailormade for you! I understand that full-time, in-house developers can become quite expensive, and I realize this option might not be viable for most business owners. This is the very reason I started FixMySpreadhseet.Live website. The more time I can help you save, the stronger you and your company will become.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for greater experience and practical know-how to enhance your résumé and become a VBA Expert, we can discuss some strategies that will launch your career upwards. Ultimately, you will save time and/or earn more money. Companies will respect your well structured and automated processes and value your above average VBA expertise. Overall automating your tasks increases the quality of life and provides job satisfaction. It’s a win-win scenario for all of us!

Why you should do it

You might still be a bit reluctant, or maybe even sceptic, about Office or Excel Automation and everything it involves, so let’s rewind and remember some major advantages:

– Less time wasted in low-level manual tasks with a cost-effective tailored solution

– Improved efficiency towards the decision-making process.

– Optimization of both human and technical resources.

– An automated approach of your processes using Excel and Microsoft Office in general,  and how to effectively combine all of them for better results and immediate cost reductions.

– Ultimately, by saving time and money on low value-added tasks, you can take care of the projects that bring more value to your company such as expansion,  customer fidelity, and brand awareness.

Where to start?

Any Inquiry? Just book a FREE session below

"Florian assisted in automating our weekly cost reporting process."

Using well written and user-friendly VBA, he has made the automation easy to understand and easy to use for all excel users of this macro.

The automation has saved our department over 5 hours of weekly manual excel work and because of the way the macro has been written and set up, we have been able to utilise this for other processes in our department - creating more automation opportunities.

Ana Blazeska

Product Development Cost Analyst at Ford Motor Company