Free Excel Time And Cost Tracker: 1 Simple but Powerful File


Simple but Effective Excel file to easily track the time spent and the expenses made on a given project. So you can relax, knowing that you’re getting paid the way you should for a given project. Thanks to this Excel Project Time and Cost Tracker!

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Everyone Agrees That Tracking Time And Money Is Important

But tracking expenses and time spent can be a burden. It shouldn't be that way...


Are You Essentially Selling Your Time In Exchange For Services?

As a freelancer or consultant, you want to get things done. you may feel you have more urgent things to do than connecting to an online platform to record time and expenses spent on a given project, especially if not everything is one click away.


Tracking Time & Money Spent On A Project Is Essential

A project Time and Cost Tracker ensures that all aspects are accounted for in future financial planning decisions and quote-making processes. It includes the habit of taking some margin of safety in terms of planning to account for the unexpected items and limiting the effect of Hofstadter's Law and planning fallacy.

If time is your primary currency in your business, this Excel Time and Cost Tracker is ideal. This simple but effective project tracker uses no macro and allows you to account for the time spent and costs related to a given project.

Tracking expenses and time spent can be cumbersome... You may have to connect to an online platform and navigate through different sections to fill in data about the time spent and expenses. Alternatively, you are most likely using a complex, not user-friendly old-fashion spreadsheet. It's time-consuming with most likely little insights for a lot of hassle.

Tracking expenses and time spent should be at your business advantage, not the other way around. If getting your effective hourly pay rate after deducting all the costs you had to make for a given project is not trivial, you're probably missing out as a freelancer or independent consultant.

Fortunately, there's a better way. There is a simple but effective way to track your time and expenses for a given project as a solo entrepreneur. Introducing The Excel Time and Cost Tracker by FixMySpreadSheet.Live, a Simple but Effective Excel file to easily track the time you spend and the expenses you make.…so you can relax, knowing that you're getting paid the way you should for a given project.

>> Download This Time And Cost Tracker Template For Microsoft Excel <<

Free Project Time And Cost Tracker - Microsoft Excel

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Not a Fan of This Excel Time And Cost Tracker?

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