In Excel or Google Sheets, there are several do’s and don’ts to optimize a slow spreadsheet. It is not the topic here. The advice here is that computers need to be rebooted from time to time. Although there is no guarantee it will fix a slow Excel, a slow Google Sheets, or any other spreadsheet software,  restarting your computer is a great habit to have. Everyone knows it, but only a few do it. 

We often downplay the benefits of a computer reboot even when the computer is slow and hasn’t been rebooted for days or weeks. It’s understandable. Time is precious. Your slow Excel spreadsheet might benefit from a reboot. So read further to make this reboot easier for you.

Slow Spreadsheet: Why are we Lazy to Reboot our Computers?

With the now widespread web-based applications, almost everyone has one or more tabs simultaneously open in their favorite internet browser. It’s easy to become a tab-addicted person. Having plenty of “useful tabs” remaining open in the internet browser makes it handy to have them on hand at any time. In short, you don’t want to close them because you spent time finding them.

The problem is that each tab is a process that consumes CPU time, RAM, and other system resources. You know this. You know your computer deserves a reboot. You get used to having a slow computer or a slow spreadsheet, and you keep postponing this healthy reboot. After all, you may be accommodated to your slow Excel and slow computer.

It’s understandable. But you don’t want to reboot and waste your time finding “all these resourceful websites and apps” currently open in your internet browser. Yes, you have better things to do than going into your browser history to recover all these precious URLs.

After a reboot, your slow spreadsheet and laptop may be an old memory. Do a reboot. Your computer is begging for it. Below is a tip to make reboot easier by getting all your prior tabs and apps without effort.  

Slow Spreadsheet or Laptop - 1 Tip to Make your Reboot Easier & Faster For you You - FixMySpreadsheet.Live

How to Reopen all Your Web-based Applications and Internet Pages After a Reboot in 1 click?

To get your internet browser tabs back in one click after rebooting your computer:

STEP 1: Open your browser

STEP 2: Hit “Ctrl+Shift+T” to reopen all previous tabs at once, and that’s all!

>> Yes, that works whether you’re using Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Opera! <<

Alternatively, instead of using the universal shortcut “Ctrl+Shift+T” to reopen the most recently closed tabs, you can right-click on the “+” and select “Reopen closed tab,” like in the screenshot below. Although this explanation is illustrated with Google Chrome, a similar menu choice is available with other Internet browsers such as Edge, Firefox, or Opera.

Reopen Closed Tabs With Chrome In One Click - Ideal After a Computer Reboot - FixMySpreadsheet.Live

So, in short, the “Ctrl + Shift + T” shortcut allows you to get all your cloud-based applications and internet pages back promptly once your favorite browser is open. It’s handy after rebooting your computer, and as a spreadsheet user, you should reboot it often to limit the risk of having a slow spreadsheet!

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Slow Computer: Why Does Restarting Fix So Many Problems?

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