Password Recovery For Microsoft Excel File: 1 Simple Tool


Fast & Easy Password Recovery For Microsoft Excel. This Excel Password Cracker Tool retrieves forgotten passwords for any Excel File in only three simple steps.

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Why choose PassPer Excel Password Recovery Tool

PassPer is a simple and effective Excel Password Recovery Tool that provides users with advanced features to unlock their excel files. It guarantees a secure password retrieval for password-protected Excel Workbooks and Excel Worksheets with no damage to the data. FixMySpreadsheet.Live is a proud affiliate partner of PassPer software: you can buy and use this professional tool to retrieve a forgotten Excel password confidently. Please note that as an affiliate, FixMySpreadsheet.Live may earn a commission on any purchase.

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Retrieve Automatically Forgotten Excel Password With 4 Attack Modes

Passper for Excel provides four intelligent password attack methods which enable you to recover Excel opening passwords quickly regardless of the password length and complexity.


Password Recovery For Microsoft Excel: When This Tool Is Useful

This  Excel Password Recovery Tool can be used advantageously when:

  • You forgot the password to open the Excel file

  • You cannot print the Excel worksheet or Excel workbook

  • You cannot edit the content in a password-protected Excel file
  • You cannot copy the Excel worksheet or Excel workbook to another location

  • You cannot work on an Excel worksheet or workbook protected with VBA code

Password Recovery For Microsoft Excel: Buy Now

Password Recovery For Microsoft Excel - FixMySpreadsheet.Live is an affiliate partner of PassPer software to recover forgotten Excel Passwords (5)

Are you wondering how to unprotect an Excel Workbook or Worksheet?

If you know the password of the Excel file but forgot about the method to unlock an Excel File (Excel Workbook) or Excel Sheet (Excel Worksheet) protected by a password: follow these step-by-step tutorials from Microsoft: Change or Dismiss Workbook Passwords (Microsoft Help) 

If you forgot the password of the Excel file and you need to open the workbook or your need to unlock one of its password-protected worksheets, keep reading the instructions below or buy an Excel Password Retriever Tool.


How to open a password-protected Excel file (Excel workbook)?

There are several solutions to remove the password of an Excel file. Some methods to unlock a password-protected Excel are free; some require paying as little as $15 for an Excel Password Recovering Application. If you wonder how to open an Excel file if you forgot the password, this tutorial is for you.

Removing the password of a password-protected Excel file is possible without a third-party tool like an Excel Password Cracker only if two conditions are satisfied:

1. The Excel Workbook protection was activated from within the workbook ( i.e., from the Review menu tab)

2. the Excel Workbook protection was activated with an Excel version older than OFFICE 365.

If these conditions are met, you can retrieve an Excel Password protection by following this tutorial that also works for password-protected Workbooks. If not, save yourself some precious time and buy a tool that recovers passwords for Microsoft Excel documents.

In other words, if the Excel Workbook protection was activated via “Encrypt with Password” and/or a version equal to or newer than Office 365, then a Password Retriever Tool for Excel documents is required.


How to unlock a password-protected Excel sheet (Excel worksheet)?

You don’t need an Excel Password Recovery Software to remove only an Excel sheet protection. Broadly speaking, there are two methods to remove an Excel worksheet protection when you forget the password:

1) The “.zip” method

You should be able to retrieve the password to unlock the Excel Worksheet in less than 20 minutes if you follow this tutorial rigorously and apply its instructions.

2) The “Excel VBA brute force” method

This method’s performance may vary significantly depending on the password used to protect the Excel sheet. If you follow these Microsoft Tech Community thread guidelines, when you forget your Excel Password, it may take between 5 minutes and several hours, depending on the computer configuration and the complexity of the Excel Password to retrieve.