Excel Task Random Allocation: 1 Free & Effective Template


This Excel Task Random Allocation Template distributes items randomly to a list of people or teams. It can be used to assign gifts to people you like randomly, or more seriously, to allocate tasks to individuals or teams in a random manner. Download this Free Excel Random Task Allocator for Microsoft Excel now!

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Do You Want To Assign A List Of Tasks Randomly To Individuals?

Would you like an easy way to distribute to-do list items randomly to a list of people or teams? Perhaps, it's Christmas time, and you would love to have your gifts randomly assigned to a list of recipients in just one click. Less fun, you may be in a situation where you have to give tasks to workers randomly in Excel, but you don't know where to start. This is when you should use an Excel task allocator like this. Task allocations in Excel or real life should be easy!


There's One Downside: Your Precious Time

You need a spreadsheet that uses the correct formulas for random assignments to achieve those things. Typically, that means spending much of your time googling, reading spreadsheet-related forums, tinkering and debugging, and going through many frustrations. There are plenty of Excel Task Random Allocation tutorials out there. For instance, this tutorial explains how to make random assignments in Excel. After some precious time spent, you might be able to build your free Excel random task assigner in a spreadsheet.

But you're a busy person and maybe not an Excel or Google Sheets Expert. You have more important things to do.

You don't know how to use the RAND() function in Excel and other Excel formulas to allocate tasks randomly to a list of individuals or teams. You could learn how to distribute tasks randomly in Excel, but you don't have time for that.

You know that time is money and want to go straight to the point.

That only left you with the option of hiring a Microsoft Excel consultant, even though they charge you $50+/hour. It shouldn't be that way.

This is where this Excel Random Assignment tool comes in! You can easily distribute tasks to people or teams with just one click. It's perfect for those who want their items randomly assigned without having to take hours out of their day with Microsoft Excel Tutorials. Tasks allocation in Excel is now easy peasy with this Free template! Next time you allocate tasks in Excel and don't know how to distribute these tasks, use this easy Excel task allocator!

That's why I created this Free Excel Task Random Allocation Template that allows you to distribute items to individuals or teams in a random manner. Hopefully, this Random Assignment Generator for Excel will help you!


Why You Will Love this Microsoft Excel Task Random Allocation Template

With this Free Microsoft Excel Random Task Allocator, you can go straight to the point in 3 steps:

1) List the items, tasks (or gifts if you feel like Santa Claus!)

2) List the individuals or teams

3) Press F9 to randomly generate one-to-one assignments in Microsoft Excel

Et voila! Your tasks are allocated randomly to individuals in Microsoft Excel!

Perhaps more importantly, this Microsoft Excel Random Task Allocation Template will:

  • Save you precious time spent building your own Microsoft Excel Random Task Allocator
  • Put an end to the confusing Excel forums and their so-so results.
  • Provide you with tasks random allocations for your projects or whatever you have to allocate randomly in Excel
  • Allow you to keep the item list order unchanged, but only if you want to: useful when the randomly allocated tasks need to follow a chronological order! To do so, simply adjust the setting in the Microsoft Excel Random Task Allocator Template.
  • Help you assign random items to people, which could be gifts if you're feeling generous!

It costs nothing to save time. Do not reinvent the wheel. Focus on what matters.


Excel Task Random Assignment: Download The Free Template

Download this Free Excel Task Random Allocation Template and start your task assignments!

>> Click Here To Download This Task Random Allocation Excel Template <<

Alternatively, you can continue spending your precious time and follow step-by-step tutorials to build your own Excel Task Random Allocation Generator. If you enjoy learning new things in Excel, there is nothing wrong with that!

Randomly Assign Tasks in Microsoft Excel - FixMySpreadsheet.Live

Perhaps you don’t want a one-to-one relationship between the tasks or items and the individuals?

For instance, you would like 10 tasks allocated randomly in Excel to 3 individuals? If yes, watch this awesome video on how to assign items to individuals randomly in Excel.


May you want to build up teams randomly from a list of individuals in Microsoft Excel? 

In that case, watch this video explaining how to assign people to teams randomly.